Where Will Your Geocaching Hunt
Take YOU Today?

Find everything you need to know to get out Geocaching! I first heard about it through my dad and thought "WOW, he's joined some kinda cult!" Then he told me people all over the world were doing this "treasure hunting" sport known as geo caching. I thought "why would people put these things everywhere?" I was still just not sure but then he pointed me to a couple of sites that listed these things in my area. I was blown away! They were everywhere and I don't live in the city or near a big park!

I decided I had to try this new high-tech sport! Only one problem... I didn't know anything about it and everything my dad told me just confused me more. As I always do, I turned to the web! A few quick searches and I'd be good to go... or not! Every site I went to had people arguing over this gps or that one, this software works best unless you use x, y, or z, brand but this other only works with site m. Argh! I have a degree in computer programming and yet this "leisure sport" was becoming a lot of complicated work! I asked my dad AGAIN...

What Is Geocaching
...and what do I NEED to get started?

It is pronounced like geocashing and some people call it geochaching although maybe not in the USA. Anyway, it is often described (jokingly) among cachers as a "game of hide and seek where grown adults use multi-billion dollar satellites with expensive global positioning system (gps) receivers to find military ammunition boxes containing fast food toys in the woods!" Well, that's right, sorta!

Geocaching HobbyI'm sure you've heard the saying, "it's about the journey, not the destination." In geocaching, it's both. Example: You're on a day trip with your family. You're driving around seeing some sights (or in my case you're lost) and you come to this neat old bridge. You park and the family wanders around to check it out. It appears to be ancient, I mean historic, and has an amazing view of the nearby city. The kids even had a great time checking out the wildlife in the stream below. You think, "wouldn't this be a great place to send people? They'd never find it on their own." Viola! You have one reason of MANY for someone to place one of these things and send people geo caching to find it.

There's also nothing better than finding a cache hidden in a unique way. Signing the log to say "Hey! I found it!" and maybe even picking up a chance to win a real Jeep out of the cache container? More on that later. For now, browse around, you'll find everything you need to get started or to take your geocaching to the next level!

I have added many articles to get you started and I'm always updating. Take a look around or browse through my site pages below.

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